Monday, October 3, 2011

About being thin...

That’s what our society circles around these days. And I have totally jumped on that same train...a train with destination -> UNHAPPY. 
I don’t know why, but somehow I catch myself thinking that being thin is one of the most important things to me, when it should be feeling good instead. Diets don’t make you feel good, period.
It has definitely something to do with the fact that all the women I look up to and admire are super thin. We associate being thin to success. I mean one of my friends says that the best diet is being really busy, you simply have no time to eat. Correction, not ”best diet” but ”best lifestyle”. 

Is that why most of the succesfull women are skinny?
cool, succesfull, beutiful, inspiring and very thin. Sofia Coppola.

The always lovely and skinny Blake Lively.

Are these women simply too busy to eat? Or do they just have it all under control? Their work, style and also their diets as well as their exercise routines.

Honestly I don't think I can ever truly feel that I have succeeded if I am not in good shape. 

Being skinnier simply makes you feel good. Your clothes suddenly look better on you, you feel lighter (not only physically but mentally as well.)

Exercise and good food equals that you feel and look good.

It is a very very easy and simple equation that we all understand. Then why is it so damn hard? 

The thinner is the winner?

Amazing, daring, so talented and very particular about being skinny. Lady Gaga.

Kathrene Bigelow, the first woman to win an Oscar for best director year 2010, for her film
Hurt Locker. Imagine that it took 81 years for a women to win!
She is so amazing, and so is her body...

A young Emilou Harris with a kickass country voice and a kickass body!

super stylish, super hot and a super skinny Elin Kling.

Even Emily Dickinson ;)


  1. Dog lite av själva Emily Dickinson där nere :D Du är fantastisk du!

  2. Man måste väl slänga in lite humor här och där ;)