Monday, October 31, 2011

These boots are made for walking

I love my new boots and my new hippie inspired secondhand bag!

And here we go again...!

Hey! How has your week begun? Mine is off to a fantastic start! The weather is AMAZING! Warm an sunny and I just came home from a lunch meeting with the film crew I am working with in January. I am going to do a lot of casting during the weeks to come before I leave to Aspen in december.
Now I am getting ready for my next meeting at 3 pm. So gotta run! Wearing my favorite fur coat again although it get's too hot in the sun, but I don't care... ;)

Saturday, October 29, 2011

a walk to remember

This day has been just what I needed! We woke up with a slight headache and walked to café Saturnus with the best cinnamon rolls in town. After that I made a quick visit at my friends new art exhibition. You have to check it out! Her name is Siri Hill and you can find more info HERE.
Then we did some shopping and I found amazing boots and a bag that I am so in love with! Hapy happy :)
Now I am getting ready to go out for a run in the beautiful autumn weather! C u later!

Girls just wanna have fun!

Yesterday I went out with a bunch of friends. I haven't been partying in so long so I felt a bit out of my element at first. But after a few drinks (only a few, don't worry dad) I found myself enjoying being out, which is really unusual for me! I usually prefer hanging out with interesting people and talking about art haha ;) What made the night extra fun was that we made small bets with each other. I had to go up to a random guy and pretend that I was a french woman working in Stockholm, made a total fool out of myself when I accidentally ordered water in swedish...hoops.
Here are some pics, better ones coming up later tonight.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Exciting news!

Wow...I am totally exhausted, but in a good way. I have been so busy that it's crazy! I got this last minute job at a huge commercial shoot! I can't tell you more yet, had to sign a confidentiality contract but soon I will be allowed to show you some behind the scenes pictures! It was a really intense and super fun shoot and I met some amazing new people. Tomorrow is going to be exciting as well, I am going to a happening for film directors! AND I am so happy to finally be able to tell you about a project that has been unsure for a while. But yesterday it finally got cleared that I got the job as SAD in a feature film that is being filmed in January! YAY!
My day in pictures. (sorry about the quality, I am going to by myself a real camera very soon!)
this is how I looked during work today, I had to blur the background because of the confidentiality contract.
I will show you what's behind me soon! You won't believe your eyes!

part of the camera team. Really cool people!

The studio we filmed at.

This is how it looked like behind the scenes.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Sorry that I haven't been blogging. I have just been so busy since I came to Stockholm yesterday. The trip here didn't go that well, I had to take a friend to the hospital and go straight to work form there. But everything is ok now. I wen't out jogging yesterday to clear my head and it was so beautiful I wanted to cry, seriously.

Today I am going to the set of a commercial, but first I have a really important and exciting meeting with a famous swedish artist, can't tell you more yet...And tonight I am going to the premiere party of a movie I worked with! Exciting! I am just so happy to be back...finally!

I usually run a 8 km long run around Djurholmen. It is the best, I mean check it out! Beautiful right!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

New look!

I changed my header. Or not entirely...but gave it a facelift so to say...what do you think?
here is the old one...better?

Where I belong

Tomorrow I am heading back to where I belong, Stockholm! I am so psyched about seeing all my amazing friends and going out with them on new adventures! I am all packed and ready to leave but unfortunately the ferry I am taking isn't leaving until tomorrow afternoon, darn! Well...soon we will be reunited again Stockholm! Always in my heart <3
In the picture below you can see me, and two of my fabulous friends at a party!
Soon there will be plenty more of them! Yay, and ofcourse I will tell you all about them!

Versace for H&M

I don't think that anyone has missed the news that Versace is the new guest designer for H&M.
I think some pieces look incredible and some I don't really know what they were thinking...

Get a preview at the lookbook here, starting with my favorits. Tell me what you think!


You can still vote, click HEREfor the best outfit!
Voting ends tomorrow morning and the winning look will be featured in a fun photoshoot!
You can vote as many times as you like! :)



This is what I wore when I performed.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

About struggling with your bodyimage

I have noticed that my post "how to get a rocking body" has woken divided opinions. I am glad to see that since it kind of was my intention to begin with.
Let me explain...
I have written before a lot about the pressure many young women feel today when it comes to being thin, perfect and good at everything we do. I am one of them. And I am surrounded by amazing women who struggle with their body image. So I wanted to talk to two different women with very different body types, who both feel great about themselves, and let you see how different their habits are.
We are ALL different, and we all have to find our own balance that makes us feel good. This is what I wanted to portray, not that you should stop eating to loose weight. I can understand now, after reading my post again with distance, that some of you might had gotten the wrong impression. I am sorry for that. But I think it is grate that it wakes some sort of discussion at least. We talk way too little about this huge problem that the majority of women are struggling with. So I just wanted to put it out there, give you the truth black on white. Not any preaching bullshit. It is time to face reality, for all of us. It simply feels so much better to be in good shape. So do yourself a favour, look into the mirror and ask yourself if you really are eating and exercising so that you and your body benefit from it, even in the long run? I don't know what more to say, simply that I know that we all want to be happy. And happiness starts with eating, sleeping and exercising well. Having balance. Your body truly is your temple. Take care of it. Nourish it, the way it deserves to be nourished. You only got one body, one life. Don't waste it feeling bad about yourself...
And finally I just need to say, that I truly do find it interesting, writing about these kind of things...
and realising more and more how different we all are. That there is no given "right or wrong" way of doing things.
What do you think?

As artists we are eternally heartbroken...

“As artists, we are eternally heartbroken.”
Lady Gaga

Aren't Saturdays supposed to be a day you can take it easy? Well, not for me it seems like.
I had so much to do today that I had to make a schedule.
Here it is...

08:30 Drink coffee and blogg
09:00 Go out for a run
10:00 shower/eat breakfast
10:30 pack/clean! (leaving to Stockholm on Monday)
11:00 Meeting with a writer who I am making an animated film with.
13:30 Driving lesson
14:15 Practise guitar for the party I am playing at tonight.
15:00 Meet up with Bella in town to take some pictures for a thing. Tell you later...
17:00 Practise together with Reeta for the party.
20:00 Perform at the party
21:00 And finally some lovely paperwork is waiting for me at home...well I assume that I will have time to actually live during my next life.

 And when I do that, when I whine about being "busy" I take one look at the pictures of the women I have on my moodboard and remember what truly being busy means. And I hear Lady Gaga talking in my head. And I get up and do what I am supposed to do.

“I am focused on the work. I am constantly creating. I am a busy girl. I live and breathe my work. I love what I do. I believe in the message. There's no stopping. I didn't create the fame, the fame created me.”
Lady Gaga

Friday, October 21, 2011

Wanna know how they got a rockin body!

I promised before that I would reveal all about how to get a body like these girls. I have talked to Bella and you can read the result below!
Next up is my cousin Tinja with her stunning body! She could model for Victorias Secret!

But first...Bella, the word is yours! Btw love her bikini from Victorias Secret!

So Bella, tell me exactly what you eat for breakfeast?
First of all, I don't eat breakfest. Ever. I usually don't wake up until 10:00.
I have never been a big fan of eating in the morning and it just makes me so hungry during the whole day. So I eat my first meal around 01:00 or 02:00 pm. I am usually hungry by then but I only eat natural yoghurt with a lot of seeds and muesli. Sometimes I also eat a piece of riebread with butter, cheese and avocado or rucola. Yummy!
So you don't eat a real lunch either? What about dinner?
After my "lunch" I don't eat anything until 07:00 or 08:00 pm when I enjoy my only warm meal of the day. My dinner can consist of anything but I always try to eat small portions. I also avoid carbs as much as I can. Because of the man I am living with I usually make lean proteins like chicken for dinner. With that I would enjoy a lot of sallad.

This is what Bella eats for "lunch". I love her teacup!
Do you eat anything after dinner?
I eat more yoghurt and muesli! I love it and it is healthy as well. Later I might eat a piece of bread or two.

Do you ever eat snacks in between?
If I am craving for a snack I usually eat tomatoes with mozzarella cheese and rucola. So good! Instead of eating potato chips I sometimes bake superthin slices of sweet potato with olive oil and spices in the oven. You have to try it! It is delicious and pretty healthy as well...perfect huh? I also eat vegetables with light dip from time to time if I feel like snacking.
This was Bellas snack tonight.

You don't eat so much, don't you feel hungry or out of energy? 
Sometimes. And then I tend to eat A LOT of carbs during ONE day. After that I feel stuffed and really don't feel like eating at all the next day. You know the light feeling you have when you wake up on the morning and your stomach looks flat and nice. The trick is to have that same feeling the whole day and even go to bed with that feeling, you will start loosing weight fast.
This is just what simply works for me. When I used to eat more I constantly felt swollen and had issues with my stomach.

This was Bellas dinner a few days ag
Do you get a bad conciense if you overeat?

You do? Often?

Well...for example. If I have eaten something bad, like say a chocolate bar, I never want to tell anyone about it because I feel ashamed.

Why do you feel ashamed?
Because it seems like everyone else can stay away from sweets and bad food. In real life I believe that a lot of people tend to eat secretely and that it is kind of common. Or maybe it's just me? haha.

So you give in to your cravings often?
I allow myself to eat what I am craving very often, provided that I have been eating very little during the day. Then it is ok. Otherwise no.

But you have lost a lot of weight this past year, how did you do it?
I have started to eat less. That's how simple it is. I don't eat out, when I lived in the US it was a lot easier to dine out. Fastfood was more ok. And even if you ordered healthy fastfood the portions were huge and ofcourse I had to eat it all then. Just eat smaller portions, that's it. Or just make smaller portions and don't make more! In the beginning you can feel hungry but after a while your stomach starts to shrink and you will be full even if you eat less.

You don't exercise do you? How do you stay fit?
Well I have never been a big fan of sports, but I usually do about 200 situps before I go to bed. I rarely train cardio but when I am at the gym I like doing a lot of strength training, escpecially with my arms. That's why I have always had slim arms. Cardio training doesn't work as well for me, I can't see any results if I don't run for like an hour every day and it is just a pain in the ass. Strength training is just easier and gives you faster results.

So finally, are you satisfied with your body right now?
I am satisfied with my upper body but would like to tone my tighs and butt more, although it is a pain in the ass literally to do it, haha.

Bellas top 5 dieting tips!
1. Don't ever eat until your stuffed. It will only strech your stomach and increase the feeling of hunger.
2. Keep yourself busy, so that you don't think about eating.
3. If you feel hungry even though you just ate, drink a lot of tea and water, it makes you feel full.
4. Try to substitute sweets with yoghurt or a smoothie. Berries are good as well!
5. frustrated! haha...when I feel frustrated or mad I want to work out!

Check out Bellas blogg HERE 

Can't wait!

Soon I will be here

In December I will travel to Aspen, Colorado, for one month! My godfather lives there so this won't be the first time I am going there... I can't wait to see the beautiful mountain tops, the picture perfect town, but most of all I look forward to seeing all the wonderful people again.
So I just have to pack all my fake fur with me so that I will blend int with all the celebs ;)

Aspen is known to be visited by many celebrities, lets hope I bump into some! Would be kind of cool..;)
I put together a collage, some inspiration for me and for you now when winter is making its comeback! Fur, fur and more fur it seems...