Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Sorry that I haven't been blogging. I have just been so busy since I came to Stockholm yesterday. The trip here didn't go that well, I had to take a friend to the hospital and go straight to work form there. But everything is ok now. I wen't out jogging yesterday to clear my head and it was so beautiful I wanted to cry, seriously.

Today I am going to the set of a commercial, but first I have a really important and exciting meeting with a famous swedish artist, can't tell you more yet...And tonight I am going to the premiere party of a movie I worked with! Exciting! I am just so happy to be back...finally!

I usually run a 8 km long run around Djurholmen. It is the best, I mean check it out! Beautiful right!


  1. Shit var det så illa att det blev sjukhus? Det hände väl inget illa ändå? Pusss jag saknar dig Jasse!

  2. lovely coat and great pictures :)

  3. love your blog and above all your outfits, follow you.
    hope you visit my blog and if you like, follow me too :)