Friday, October 21, 2011

Can't wait!

Soon I will be here

In December I will travel to Aspen, Colorado, for one month! My godfather lives there so this won't be the first time I am going there... I can't wait to see the beautiful mountain tops, the picture perfect town, but most of all I look forward to seeing all the wonderful people again.
So I just have to pack all my fake fur with me so that I will blend int with all the celebs ;)

Aspen is known to be visited by many celebrities, lets hope I bump into some! Would be kind of cool..;)
I put together a collage, some inspiration for me and for you now when winter is making its comeback! Fur, fur and more fur it seems...


  1. Love Kate Hudson´s furcoat! Unfortunately fur coats make you look enourmous unless you are as teeny tiny as these women. And love Elle´s Sorel boots as well:)

  2. I adore her coat aswell! Give me now! I supsect that it's a bit out of my pricerange though ;)