Saturday, October 22, 2011

About struggling with your bodyimage

I have noticed that my post "how to get a rocking body" has woken divided opinions. I am glad to see that since it kind of was my intention to begin with.
Let me explain...
I have written before a lot about the pressure many young women feel today when it comes to being thin, perfect and good at everything we do. I am one of them. And I am surrounded by amazing women who struggle with their body image. So I wanted to talk to two different women with very different body types, who both feel great about themselves, and let you see how different their habits are.
We are ALL different, and we all have to find our own balance that makes us feel good. This is what I wanted to portray, not that you should stop eating to loose weight. I can understand now, after reading my post again with distance, that some of you might had gotten the wrong impression. I am sorry for that. But I think it is grate that it wakes some sort of discussion at least. We talk way too little about this huge problem that the majority of women are struggling with. So I just wanted to put it out there, give you the truth black on white. Not any preaching bullshit. It is time to face reality, for all of us. It simply feels so much better to be in good shape. So do yourself a favour, look into the mirror and ask yourself if you really are eating and exercising so that you and your body benefit from it, even in the long run? I don't know what more to say, simply that I know that we all want to be happy. And happiness starts with eating, sleeping and exercising well. Having balance. Your body truly is your temple. Take care of it. Nourish it, the way it deserves to be nourished. You only got one body, one life. Don't waste it feeling bad about yourself...
And finally I just need to say, that I truly do find it interesting, writing about these kind of things...
and realising more and more how different we all are. That there is no given "right or wrong" way of doing things.
What do you think?


  1. Im gonna have to disagree with you on this one. There are a million WRONG ways to do it, and in some cases it leads to death.....

  2. Ps. by filling your stomach with water when your hungry and thriving to feel frustrated is the unhealthy way.

  3. But I said: given "right or wrong". Ofcourse there are wrong ways to do it, and filling your stomach with water when you are hungry is absolutely one of them. But that wasn't what Bella meant and I should have rephrased it.

  4. omgosh relaxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx