Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Taking a trip down the memory lane...

I am a person who lives in the moment. In my opinion that's exactly how it should be. So many people waste their lives thinking "I will be happy when I buy that", "I will be happy when I have the perfect body", "I will be happy when I have those clothes, I will be happy when when when. WHEN? If you think like that the answer is never! The only thing that is, is now. That's what we all should concentrate on.
Sometimes I get lost down the memory lane though. I remember all the great moments I have shared with wonderful people. I start missing the ones who are not here.

I miss my best friend. Laughing with her, talking to her, sharing my world with her.
She said something beautiful to me when we talked on skype.
"You know what makes us such good friends? We exist in our own worlds, but at the same time, we can exist in eachothers." (Forgive me if I quoted you wrong Madde)

I miss my dear friend Daniela who lives in Miami. I see her once a year, and the wonderful thing is that when we reunite it always feels like we never really were apart. I miss you Daniela!

I miss Stockholm. Strolling around on the streets. Sitting in cafés with my friends. The vibe of the city.
Luckily I am not going to have to miss it for long, I am returning on Monday! A lot of exciting things are waiting for me!

And finally...sometimes I miss being 14. Still a kid, not having to take responsibility, and being able to just live in my own world. Not having to take anything seriously.

But then I remember how insecure I was, how lost, not knowing who I was at all. And then I am suddenly happy that I am exactly where I am. Right back living in the moment, glad about how things turned out and looking forward to the future!


  1. MISS YOU MISS YOU MISS YOU Jasuuuu<3 once a year is about to change to twice a year!!!! 2 Months babyyyy!:)

  2. joo men ja e i USA. so it is pretty much once a year...miss you too!