Friday, November 4, 2011

Fall fall fall

I am starting t accept that it actually is fall now, it was almost dark when I woke up and it definitely was dark when I came home last night at 2 am. I had a meeting with my photographer and we ended up meeting up with some friends at a pub. We had a great time with very strange, but hilarious, conversations.
this morning I met up with my roomie Jenny who FINALLY is back in town and we enjoyed brunch together. Tonight I guess I have to drag myself out know the feeling when you just sit at home on a Friday night doing nothing...I feel like such a looser so I usually end up doing something although I am exhausted like today. What are you guys doing tonigh? Any good Halloween parties?


  1. Oh perfect autimn outfit!!! Great style!

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  3. So cozy and comfy. This is why I love fall so much!