Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A girls guide to "how to run your ass off"

First of all...don't take the headline so seriously.
I have gotten many questions about how to inspire yourself to put on those jogging shoes and head out for a run. I am running every second day more or less depending on how much I am working, and I love it. I actually long for the moment when I get to head out. I am going to tell you how I learned to enjoy it, because it hasn't always been like that. I actually used to HATE it! I had to force myself to go out for a jog and I always came up with bad excuses like the weather or that I felt a bit sick and so on...

I also had a period when I really wanted to loose weight so I ran two times a day. On the morning, and on the evening...when my knees started to hurt I got a wake up call and understood how foolish I had been. Running and exercising is supposed to make you feel good and keep you healthy, not the other way around. But I guess We go through different phases when we are growing up. Now I finally have found my balance and feel and look better than ever!
And not too long ago something happened. I started to LOVE running. I ran EVERY single day further and faster. I started loosing a bit weight, my muscles got tighter, I felt more energetic, happy and focused.

It all started in when I was in Spain. I forced myself to wake up every morning early and go out for a jog along the beach so that I would be able to concentrate on writing on my script.
It was so beautiful, warm and it simply made me feel so good that I noticed that I didn't have to force myself to get up after a while. Also my condition naturally got better so it was easier to run.
Then I just kept it up when I got back. The thing that had changed was that I made a deal with myself not to "force" myself to run. If I felt like running I would run, if not then I simply didn't, no excuses needed.
Then I got to a point where I didn't feel like running for a while...after a few days I felt so disgusting that I simply didn't have a choice. I HAD to go and run, my body demanded it.

A BIG DIFFERENCE was that I also started doing strength training. It was horrible in the beginning, especially the pushups! God I still hate doing them. I think that's the ONE FACTOR that changed it all in the end. I got stronger, leaner and running doesn't feel "heavy" anymore. I can just run without getting tired for a very long time.
So start strength training! I mainly do 30 pushups from a bench, 40 lunges, 20 squats and triceps on a bench at the end of run. If you want to loose weight it is important to do both strength and aerobic!

ALSO remember that music can enhance your achievement, it is scientifically proven. So find your favorite music that helps you get that energy into your legs! My favorite tunes right now are the songs made by my amazing and talented friend Madeleine.

LAST BUT NOT LEAST it made a huge difference for me where I run. I did some research around my area, where I could run and which route suited me the best. So I found my DREAM route. It is so stunning that I kind of "forget" that I am running because I am enjoying the view.
I took some photos while running today so I could show you...

I took pictures every 1 km on my 9 km running route with my iPhone 3gs.

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  1. Gorgeous scenery! I think it would definitely make it easier for me if I was running past that! Unfortunately there is nothing great in my area :(