Sunday, November 20, 2011

Guidelines for a great night out!

Sometimes you end up having a great night beyond what you had imagined...and sometimes everything just goes wrong and you can't seem to have fun no matter how hard you try!?
After a lot of research I have come to conclusion.

1. The most important factor is WHO you are going out with!
2. The more spontaneous the better, don't plan...just let the night lead you and be open!
3. Getting free drinks always lightens up the mood somehow and makes you happy!
4. Dancing your ass off and just letting go of everything! You know that feeling when you let the music flow into your body and take over all control (requires usually a few drinks)!
5. The best nights are when you end up hanging out with random people you have never met before, having a good time and feeling like you have known each other your whole life...

Here are a few pictures from last weekend when most of these guidelines where full filled...and the club we were at made me feel like I was back in Berlin!

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