Monday, November 7, 2011

Saturday night fever

My Saturday night was very interesting to say the least.
I dressed up from head to toe and met up with my friend Lana. We left the Halloween party we were invited to early and spontaneously went to this film&tv underground Halloween party instead. It was INSANE! Everyone had really put some effort into their costumes and I kind of felt stupid in my simple black dress, but I just told everyone that I was dresses as the blond girl who always dies first in all the horror movies. We had so much fun, danced all night long and met some really cool people. Then something weird happened. A girl suddenly came up behind me and started to eat my hair! I am being very serious. It turned out that I was somehow in the middle of a "lovers crossfire" so to say. I feel sorry for my hair and the guy I was talking to. Really awkward. It all felt much better after a few drinks though and I ended up having the most fun I have had in a while! Got any crazy Halloween party stories, would love to hear about them!
Too bad that I didn't bring my camera but here you can see my new necklace I was huh?


  1. Yes, that necklace is the first thing I noticed! Very cool.

  2. HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA kan int tro att dedär på allvar hände wish i was there lol what a freakshow hälsningar din favorit daniela

  3. Fiiiint halsband, de passar ju jättebra på dejj <3