Sunday, November 20, 2011

Keep on running...

I am on my way to the gym with Christa, we are going to work our asses off. I really don't feel like working out today so what do I do when I feel uninspired and lazy?
1. I remind myself of how great I will feel afterwards.
2. I try to bribe myself with a present like good food, a movie, a new shirt or something...
3. I look at pictures of inspiring women and tell myself that they all worked for it as well.
Nothing comes for I slowly pack my stuff and finally after a looong time, win over my own will and head to the gym.
Do you have any tips? Mine are starting to get a bit old...

Here are pictures from my run yesterday, it is starting to get very cold now so I am running in my normal tights and a thick jacket.

The view I had in front of me while running home...I can't get enough of pretty sunsets!

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