Friday, November 11, 2011

Music of the night

I can only blame myself. I can not seem to concentrate AT ALL at work today. My focus is not where it should be...
Last night I met my best friend Madde and we went to a pub called the Londoner and got some red was really cozy and I was planning on going to bed early. Then we got a visitor, let's call him mr.x.
We ended up driving to a beautiful place near the water, watching the lights of Stockholm, feeling like we were the only people in the world. It was one of those "movie moments" that don't really happen in real life...and when you look back on it the next day, it doesn't even feel like it happened to you, because it was so unbelievable. It feels more like you were watching a movie, watching something magical and unreal. And that's why I love making movies, and sometimes my life truly feels like one..I do recommend it to everyone, it is the most seducing feeling...

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