Monday, November 14, 2011

My workout!

Hey! I was at the gym yesterday and I thought I would show you my routine.
The pictures aren't that great but I hope you will understand though.

I start with running for 10-15 minutes to warm up. Then I start doing weight training, and then I usually do cardio for about 40 minutes after that. If you start with cardio instead it doesn't burn as much fat I have heard.
My favorite three exercises which have given me the best results are the following.

1. Best ass workout
Put you feet on top of the ball, like in the picture below and lift your waist from the floor.
Then "curl" your legs up and bring the ball towards your hips and go back, repeat 10 times three rounds. Rest. Do the same again if you can, trust me you will feel this one. And the higher you raise your hips, the harder.

2. Pushups
This is the one I hate/love the most. it is so hard for me since I don't have a lot of arm strength. but ever since I started doing this move I have gotten stronger and a lot leaner arms!
Just do regular pushups but with your feet on the ball. Sometimes hard to keep your balance!

3. Flat stomach!
You all probably know that if you want a flat stomach you have to eat healthy and do cardio as well. But we all still want nice abs right? So this is my absolute favorite!
Sit on the ball and do situps. use a weight like I am in the picture if you want to make it more effective.
Change it up with regular and sideways!

Good luck with your workout! See you on the beach ;)


  1. I love your workout! I've been looking for something semi-simple to do at home so I think I'll try out something with a ball. My old trainer told me the same thing about doing cardio first too.