Sunday, November 13, 2011

No time to sleep...

I haven't felt this tired for so long. Honestly. I am trying so hard to juggle work, friends and my own creative time right now (not to talk about other distractions). I am honestly very tired. I have been out almost every night, mingling with important people and then getting up for work. And it kind of is the way I wanted it to be, and it would be a dream situation if it wouldn't be for me having sleeping issues lately. It is a totally new situation for me, I have always been very talented at sleeping but lately I have been so high on life that I simply can't tune down. Thoughts just keep on bouncing around in my head...

But I just have to keep on going right now, soon it will be Christmas and then I can vacate without having bad conscious. Any tips on how to push yourself harder when you are already pushing with all you got?

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