Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Running around town like a crazy person

Today I have been running, yes literally running, around town between different meetings. It has been totally crazy and I definitely do not need to visit the gym today.
I met my partner in crime, Naoras, at my favorite cafè, Saturnus this morning for a breakfeast casting meeting. (The café is a must if you are in town, you can find it HERE) Enjoying coffee at Saturnus feels like a trip to Paris. Love it! After that I ran to a lunch meeting with a film director, discussing a project they are shooting in February. Then I met with another director because I am helping her with the casting for a novelfilm.
During the afternoon I went locationscouting with my photographer Chris and finally we had a very long and productive meeting with Chris and my filmproducer! Now I am at home, exhausted but very excited for all the projects to come! In between I had five minutes so I did some really spontanious shopping. I bought a new leather jacket and a cozy cardigan from Gina Tricot. Tomorrow I am going to spend all day casting people...now I totally need some sleep. here are some pictures from today.
at café Saturnus! 

This is what I bought today in between all of my meetings!

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