Monday, November 7, 2011

What would I do without you...

I am at the office getting ready for another long day of casting people.
Just realized how thankful I am to have such amazing friends.
It has been a roller coaster for me the last few days in my personal life.
Maybe you can't have it all like they say...While everything is going GREAT at work, better than I could have ever hoped for, everything seems to go wrong in my personal life.
So thank god I have my angels supporting me, standing beside me ready to catch me when I fall.
Made a little collage of some of mean the world to me girls. What would I do without you?
I can't even imagine...


  1. so honored to be in your collage saknar dej jasmineeeee t donnii

  2. Yap. You can have a house, a car, the perfect job, you can even have mr nro One. But you are nothing without your girls.