Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Wonderful Wednesday!

Hey guys! I love being busy and days just like this one! I am almost shaking of excitement!
I had a morning meeting with two casting directors and we are starting a new project. I loved Andreas apartment, really want to have a floor like his, so fresh but yet cozy!
I got a REALLY amazing job offer today and I can not wait to tell you about it!
Tonight awaits the annual Stockholm film festival opening party!

Then I met up with Jenny and Christa, the girls I live with and we had a wonderful lunch with lots of boytalk and laughing at my favorite salad place, Kungshallen.

After that we did some shopping with Jenny. My brain is just so overheated with everything that has been going on lately and I needed to take a brake from it all. I found a cute dress and some great other bargains! Gonna show you later, probably wearing a new shirt to the party I am attending tonight!

Then I took Jenny to a tattoo shop and she is getting her tattoo done on Saturday! Exciting! I really want to get a tattoo myself one day! I have been thinking about getting a small tattoo in the form of a feather on my neck, what do you think?


  1. Really nice, but maybe a little too common these days?

  2. ööö Jasu I love the dress! ahahah you totally should get a feather tattoo... you know whyyyy (...2009...)