Friday, September 30, 2011

To be or not to be...

...a "doer", that is the decisive question. The question we all need to ask ourselves sooner or later. I asked myself that a moment ago, and I soon catch myself trying to convince myself that I am a particularly active and energetic individual. Which is true...if you would ask my friends and family they would all probably tell you that I get things done, that I am very driven and a talented young woman. Lovely right? Even though I know all this myself it does not matter...because I always feel that I could do more. I catch myself surfing away my time on the internet way too often, or watching stupid tv shows...feeling bad about the fact that I am not reading some book instead.

So tonight when I flew home to Finland from Sweden I suddenly asked myself THE question:
Am I a doer or not?
It actually is a hard question because we all like to think of ourselves as doers. So instead of trying to come up with the answer I made a list, of all the things I would like to do before this year is over. I decided I would be a doer for now at least.
And when I was done I felt so much better, looked satisfied at the list I had accomplished and decided to take action with the first think on my list:

1. Start writing a blog

So here I am...writing it...and to all of you out there reading this, whether you are doers or not, welcome to my blog!

1 comment:

  1. You made the right decision my love, you are definitely a doer!
    More posts please:)