Monday, October 3, 2011

Nobody is perfect

Nobody is perfect, not even Blake Lively even though her clothes are pretty damn close to perfection!

Sometimes I feel so ridiculous. 

A good example is the fact that I haven't been wanting to write in my new blog, just because I haven't felt that it would be perfect. By that I mean that I haven't had the perfect pictures or the perfect topic to write about. Normal? Well...I don't know, but what I DO know is that I have to stop being so good damn over pretentious, in everything I do. I mean, nobody can be perfect, even though it might seem so. I mean, I have noticed, especially in all the blogs I have been reading lately, that almost everybody is making an effort to seem perfect. To seem to have the perfect life, boyfriend, style...And maybe they do, no one can know for sure expect themselves...

But the thing is that it seems exhausting, keeping up that "perfect" image, and don't get me wrong I know that I am not any better myself. Of course I want everyone to think I have the perfect life, but I don't. There are perfect moments and perfect elements to it but I am exhausted of the never ending chase of perfection. I can't and I won't do it anymore!
Easily said than done?

I have to stop the need of pleasing everyone else and just focusing on pleasing myself instead. And there is a difference between that and being selfish.

So my assignment to myself this week is to really try to get rid of my anxiety of being perfect. It is really affecting the work I am doing right now, which is writing a script for a short. We are all aiming towards achievement but I have to learn to just let go sometimes...
So beautiful! Blake Lively for Glamour.

Talk about to seem inspiration Blake Lively for Vogue.


  1. Helt otroligt vackert skrivet, i mina ögon helt PERFECT;). Ha en fin dag!

  2. Tack Sofia. Din kommentar gjorde min dag fin!

  3. <3 älskar detta! Du har så rätt honeyy, saknar dej i mängder. Vi måste ta en skypedejt, har mycket att berätta!