Monday, October 3, 2011

All I want is to feel free!

So Autumn is making its comeback with rain, darkness and anxiety. Usually I would feel a bit blue right now, but not this year NO!

Something has know that feeling of lightness you usually get during summer or when you are traveling or on vacation? I have started to get that feeling, that I personally would like to call freedom, more frequently these days.

I don't really know why. Maybe it is the fact that I feel satisfied with my life right now. And for the very first time it has NOTHING to do with a man. Hah! I am an independent least for now. Ask me in one week and things might have changed. ;)

So here's to freedom! The best drug in the world. I totally have to write a song about this...I am going to post a link to youtube soon where you can listen to my songs btw!

Here are some pictures of the moments I have felt so free that they kind of changed me for good...
First time in New York, the city of freedom! The feeling I had simply walking
the streets was so overwhelming that nothing can quite compare to it. Someday
I am going to live and work in New York, I kinda fell in love...

Dancing in the sunset on a beach in France. Happy happy happy. True happiness!

A beautiful castle we visited during my backpacking trip through Europe.

The sand dunes of Archachon, France, are magical. Makes you want to scream out loud.

Paris, my best friend and my favorite blue dress. Do I have to say more...? 

Wonder where my next trip is going to take me..? I can tell you guys that some tickets have already been booked and that it is going to be amazing! It will give me many happy endorphins to get me through the Nordic winter!

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