Thursday, October 6, 2011

Bigger is not better

Here's a fact for you:
Good food makes you happy.
It's so simple and yet...not. If you know what I mean? My mother, who is a health freak used to tell me this about food. "One minute in your mouth, one hour in your stomach, forever on your hips." Made it so much easier for the teenage me to have a normal relationship to food...not. Well anyway, I think that food is one of the grate pleasures in life, and I want to enjoy my life! So I am never going to give up good food. And the best things come in small packages right? So remember (and I remind myself of this all the time) it is not the quantity but the quality that counts! So get out there and enjoy, just in small doses, because we all want to enjoy life right? And at least I can't enjoy it if I would become fat. Bigger is not better...when it comes to both food and weight. But sometimes, sometimes we have those days when we just want to eat...well I had one of those "days" today. And I have been enjoying it, but now I am so stuffed that I have to go out for a run...

So today has been a gourmet day for me. I started of with my favorite Breakfast, natural yoghurt, berries and roasted sunflower seeds and almonds with my favorite girl Isabella...Yum! Oh...and never forget the coffee! I love drinking it from my Starbucks mug, makes it almost ok that we don't have one over here...

Then I met my brother and grandmother for lunch and we ate a fabulous lunch. My absolute favorite food, sushi! It was delicious!

And then we celebrated an early Christmas with my family because we are not going to be at home this Christmas. In fact we are going to Aspen, Colorado for a month and we won't get any Finish delicacies there, but hey...I am SO not complaining ;)


  1. Så mycket gott där! Älskar din mammas citat! Det har jag hört flertals gånger Men man måste väl få njuta ibland, eller varje dag. Ja, det är ju problemet.

  2. eller hur... :) det vet vi allt om!