Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Challenge part 1

I got Challenged by the lovely and fabulous blogger MINNA.

I have to answer a bunch of different questions. So here we go!

1. Favorite Color
Cobalt Blue
2. Favorite Animal
Horse. There is something special about being close to a horse. They make you calm, secure, you feel like nothing can hurt you. And galopping full speed on a wide open field, what can beat that?

3. Favorite Number
My lucky number has always been 7.

4. Favorite non-alcoholic drink
Water! Nothing better than a glass of ice cold water when you are really thirsty!
And it is sooo healthy for you! Remember to drink 2-3 l of water every day!

5. Facebook vs Twitter
lol...But I have to say Facebook.

6. My passion
Impossible to only choose one...So I will say...Chasing my dreams!
Whether it is music, fashion, creating art, traveling and so on...
My passion is simply to enjoy life!

7. To give or receive a present.
I like both a lot, I would honestly wish I could say that I like giving presents more than receiving them...but I never tell lies. So to receive!

8. Favorite figure.
Huh? Weird question...

9. Favorite weekday.
hmmm...depends but I actually love Mondays! It always feels like a fresh start and I am usually full of energy after the weekend.

10. Favorite flower
I love all blue flowers, I think they are the most beautiful...but my favorite one right now is Strelizia. It looks magnificant!
I took this picture in Spain a week ago. Read about my trip HERE and HERE

In the second part of the challende you are about to tell eight randon things about yourself. Coming up soon... 

This  challenge goers forward to the following bloggers:
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Natalie She is so beautiful and I absolutely adore her blog! Check it out!

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  1. Päätit sitten jakaa tän kahteen osaan. :) Niin se on varmaan alunperin ollutkin.

    Ihana tuo sininen mekko, täydellinen väri! ;)