Wednesday, October 5, 2011

the Dream girl

Who is she? Does she really exist? Is she you?
You probably don't think that yourself at least, am I right?
We all have a picture, or an image inside our head of "the perfect girl". About the girl we would like to be, the person we want other people to think we are.

But why do we want to be like someone else? Maybe it is because we don't that we are enough, simply by being ourselves. Because we don't think that that boy will actually like ME just by being ME. Instead we often put on a mask, or an act, to prove people that we are funny and smart and beautiful name it!
But that's how you get lost. You loose track of who you really are.

I just saw Friends with benefits with Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake. I immediately noticed myself wishing that I would be more like Mila. Witty and sexy with big eyes and tanned skin. And then there is my obsession with Blake Lively, maybe you have noticed?
I am so angry with myself, for wanting secretly to be more like "that perfect girl".
The dream girl? Is she defined by who WE want to be or who we think OTHERS want us to be?

Here is a test for you if you are in the mood:
Try to create an image in your head of the "types" described below.

1. Who you want to be.
2. Who other people see you as.
3. Who you are.

Take your time to do this. And when you feel that you are ready compare them. Are the images similar or totally different? They shouldn't be that different. If they have no differences at all, that's unrealistic, so try again.
1. who I want to be.
Blake Lively Of course...more like who I want to look like.

2. Who other people see me as.
artsy, funny, walking her own path, doing weird stuff like this photoshoot, clueless..?


  1. okay jasu u need to get over blake lively!!! how long has it been that uve been obsessing about her really? probably like 5 years! find a new one! YOURSELF

  2. Haha you are so awesome! I am trying ;) getting there...

  3. Totally agree. There is nothing that special about BL. Especially after naked pics. Since when photoshoot was a weird thing? :P