Monday, October 17, 2011

Feed your mind

Inspiration doesn't come by itself, it's something you have to work for, something you have to go out there and find! Most great ideas will not suddenly appear by simply sitting on your couch. And using different "substances" to get into a creative mood is a short cut, easy but not right, and it will somehow someday backfire. And anyway insipration is everywhere. You don't need substances to create, you just need an open mind and some thirst for adventure! Ideas are everywhere and you can go out there and hunt them down any day. The problem is that we are just too damn comfortable to ever really do it. If we constantly expose our senses with new stimulation, that's when ideas will start to come to uss naturally.
I myself like being comfortable. I have to drag myself out on a walk in the forest for example(afterwards I always feel great though), so that's why I am very thankful for my friends who constantly introduce me to new things.

Tonight has been magical. I met my opera singing friend Reeta and her friend Remu Aaltonen(known for Hurriganes) and we shared a wonderful experience.
First we saw a modern flamenco dance performanc. I have never seen anything like it! The lights, the music, the movement. It was so inspiring and beautiful. I tried to take some pictures, unfortunately the quality is not good but you will get the idea. I got so many new interesting visions on how you can express feelings.

Then we went to sing some karaoke which was hilarious! People went a bit nuts when Remu suddenly sang ols Hurriganes songs and Reeta sang an opera version of Delilah!

After that we got a private tour of the art exhibition Reeta works for and just talked about life and art until 3 am. I feel so rejuvenated in some way! A very interesting and productive night in many ways!

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