Monday, October 17, 2011

New dress

I love surprises more than anything! And I just got a lovely new surprise!
My parents just got home from Bali and gave me this wonderful maxi dress as a present.
I also got earings, body butter, chocolate, coffee and a fur thing that I am going to show you later!
The day has been very productive otherwise. I wrote a new song, I think it's my best yet, and got a very interesting offer to be a part of a new film project...! Excited is an understatement.  The maxi dress is a must have in your closet and this one is so cute! It fits perfectly allthough it's a bit short.

My little sister got a similar one ofcourse.
Nothing beats a maxi dress matched with a headband and long wavy hair!

I wouldn't mind having these hanging in my closet!