Sunday, October 16, 2011

How to reach your dreams...

Do you have a dream? Do you know what you want? 
Well...good for you, but I bet there is a big line of people who wants the same thing. 
Competition has never been this hard and if you want to reach your dreams you have to be ready to fight for them! 
But it's not that simple, and we all know that.
I want to give you some guidelines on what you can do to get to where you want to be.

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Being successful consists of many things as we know, and a key element is to be MOTIVATED and DRIVEN at all times.
But that is easily said than done, right? Some days it's easier, some days it seems impossible. 
So what I do to remind myself of my goals and to keep my motivation on top, is looking at my moodboard.
It is really important to have your own moodboard. It doesn't matter what it looks like or consists of, the important thing is that you have one. 

You can build your own out of pictures, words or even things that stand for your dreams or inspire you.
No one else has to understand it, so make it personal! 
When you build your moodboard it also makes you really think about what you want to accomplish. By that I mean that many of us only have thoughts or images in our heads about what we want, but actually putting it down on paper and making them solid can be a bit hard. But it's important and can make all the difference. Keep your moodboard some place where you can see it every day, and you will start to notice a difference, I promise.

I am making a new one as we speak. I bought an old window just for my moodboard and I am going to hang it in my bedroom. Right now it looks like this:

Get inspired and start making your own straight away!
Start by writing a list of what you want to accomplish in one year.
Example: I want to make a shortfilm by the end of this year or I want to get 1000 € funding for a new project.
Try to be as concrete as you can.
Don't exclude things like places you want to travel, things you really want to buy, maybe some new recipes you want to try or something new you want to learn.
Then find pictures that represent the things on your list. I guarantee you that you have not wasted your time!

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